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Poems From Spain

Edited by Jim Jump. Collection of poems written by British and Irish International Brigaders. (paperback)

This is the first poetry anthology solely devoted to poems written by International Brigade volunteers. Fully illustrated and with extensive notes, the collection conveys the idealism and anguish felt by the men and women who risked their lives to defend democracy against the rise of fascism in Europe.



Linda Palfreeman's ground-breaking history of the British volunteers in the Republican Medical Services during the Spanish Civil War.

"Salud!" reviews the enormously valuable contribution of the volunteers who left Britain to serve with the Republican Medical Services during the Spanish Civil War.


A World Between Us

A World Between Us by Lydia Syson. With Europe on the verge of war Felix is on the verge of discovering love. But discovery means choice and she has to decide between logic and attraction, good sense and passion. As  suburban London becomes a memory, Felix has to fight to survive, not just the battles of the Spanish Civil War but also the conflicts of her own heart. A passionate and exciting adventure story that explores the meaning of love and the power of choice.