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International Brigade Emblem T-shirt

International Brigade Emblem T-shirt 2,500 volunteers from Britain and Ireland joined the legendary International Brigades to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. This is the emblem they wore with pride. More than 500 of them died in Spain, and we remember them to today as an example of anti-fascism and international solidarity. Produced by Red Molotov from ethically sourced cotton.


Ireland International Brigade T-shirt

Ireland International Brigade T-shirt Salute the 250 Irish anti-fascists who fought in the Spanish Civil War. This t-shirt combines the Spanish Republic’s flag and the starry plough of the Irish Citizen Army, founded by James Connolly. The bust is from the memorial to the volunteers in Belfast, 80 of whom died in Spain. Produced by Red Molotov from ethically sourced cotton.


Scotland International Brigade T-shirt

Scotland International Brigade T-shirt Remember the 549 Scottish men and women who volunteered to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. More than 100 of them were killed in action. The t-shirt is in the colours of the Spanish Republic and features the badge and three-pointed star of the International Brigades. Produced by Red Molotov from ethically sourced cotton.


Wales International Brigade T-Shirt

Wales International Brigade T-shirt Celebrate the 184 volunteers from Wales who fought the fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Thirty-five of them gave their lives in defence of the Spanish Republic, whose colours also feature on this t-shirt. Available in green or white. Produced by Red Molotov for the IBMT from ethically sourced cotton.


15th International Brigade t-shirt

15th International Brigade t-shirt. In the autumn of 1937 each of the International Brigades was presented with a flag at the Calderón Theatre in Madrid in a ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of the formation of the International Briagades.This is a depiction of that flag representing the English-speaking 15th Brigade which included British, Irish, American, Canadian and Commonwealth volunteers.


Anti-Fascist Women t-shirt

Anti-fascist women t-shirt This design honours many of those who women who resisted fascism in the Spanish Civil War both in Spain and in their own countries. The names on the t-shirt are the first names of some of those British women who served in Spain, most of whom were nurses. Worn here by IBMT Patron Maxine Peak. Unisex fit. Designed by Philosophy Football for the IBMT.