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This is a series of four films under the title ‘Volunteers for Liberty: Archives and memory – preserving the story of the International Brigades’, which have been produced by Platform Films for the IBMT and the Marx Memorial Library. The films publicise the extensive archives of the International Brigades and Spanish Civil War held by the Marx Memorial Library, which were digitally catalogued in 2017/18 in a project in which the IBMT was a partner and which received funding from The National Archives.

Refugees and the Spanish Civil War

Refugees and the Spanish Civil War


Volunteers for Liberty Trade unionists and the Spanish Civil War

Women and the Spanish Civil War

'Spanish Women in the 1930s'

Paul Preston on 'Spanish Women in the 1930s', he explained "how the Spanish Republic had given much to women and Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War took away much more." He mentions his book 'The Doves of War' Four women in the SCW'.

Recorded in Manchester, England, at the 2016 IBMT Len Crome Memorial Lecture. More information about the Len Crome Memorial Lectures and the IBMT at

'Women in 1930s Spain: a brief introduction.' by Paul Preston

Brenda O'Riordan singing 'The Minstrel Boy', an old Irish song of liberty and freedom standing against tyranny and oppression. Recorded on the International Brigades last battlefields near Corbera d'Ebre overlooking the last British command post with the Sierra Pandols in the background.  Recorded by Marshall Mateer on the IBMT Ebro Tour, Spain, 2013.

Elegy for the Ebro - The Minstrel Boy