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Blue plaque on the former home of International Brigader and ex coal miner Edwin Greening at 20 Cardiff Road, Aberaman. Unveiled on 26 June 2014 by the mayor of Rhondda Cynon Taff Council.

Relief carvings in wood to local volunteers, including two killed on 25 August 1938 in the Battle of the Ebro. Installed by Aberdare Labour Party and local trades council in the party’s premises in December 1967. Relocated to Aberdare Central Library and unveiled by Michael Foot MP June 1986.

Plaque dedicated to local International Brigader Bob Cooney (1908-1984) in Castle Street. Erected by Aberdeen City Council.

Bob Cooney Court in Berryden, AB25 3SP, named after local International Brigader (1908-1984). An explanatory plaque (below) was added inside the court on 17 October 2015.

Plaque in Aberdeen Trades Council offices, John Londragan House. Erected 1993.

Mural of local Brigader John Londragan painted by Portuguese artist Vhils (Alexandre Farto) and unveiled as part of Aberdeen’s Nuart Festival. Painted on the wall of a car park next to Aberdeen’s Union Square. The mural is based on a photo taken in Albares, Spain, in 1937 with US Brigader Peter Frye and the daughters of a Spanish shopkeeper Juan Ataro.

Plaque in Concert Hall to Aberdeen volunteers. Was moved in November 2019 to the wall in the main foyer across from the reception desk. Erected by Aberdeen City Council.

Books in the XV Brigade Memorial Library, Aberdeen Unemployed Centre, 54 Frederick Street. Provided by volunteers and the Aberdeen Trades Council, 1989.

Plaque in Old Town Hall to Sammy Morris and Jack Williams. Erected 1998.

Blue plaque to James Keogh, killed on 22 March 1938 at Calaceite. The plaque is situated on a wall, in the atrium, between the Central Art Gallery and the Tameside Local Studies and Archive Centre, Oldham Road, Ashton under Lyne OL6 6BH. Unveiled 25 November 2011.

Memorial stone and plaque at Moy Bridge (Co Tyrone) to Benjamin Murray, killed in Aragon in March 1938. Unveiled 8 March 2013.

Plaque saluting the courage of the International Brigaders and in recognition of the people of Barnsley who supported democracy in Spain. Unveiled by Mayor Margaret Morgan, 16 October 2006.

Plaque in entrance to PCS union head office, Falcon Road, SW11, to the International Brigade volunteers from Battersea.

William Beattie & Dick O'Neill plaque, Belfast

Plaque naming local volunteers William Beattie and Dick O’Neill on the International Wall, Northumberland Street, off Falls Road. Unveiled on 26 July 2013 as part of Belfast’s annual Anti-Racism World Cup amateur soccer tournament.

A plaque to the memory of Patsy McAllister. Erected by Workers Party November 2006.

Plaque in memory of Jim Stranney, killed in the Battle of the Ebro, July 1938, at 7 John Street, BT12 4AG. Unveiled 26 February 2011.

Republican Plot Milltown Cemetery.  Memorial erected by Sinn Fein. March 2006.


Memorial and portraits of William (Liam) Tumilson, killed at Jarama in March 1937, and Jim Stranney, killed in the Battle of the Ebro, July 1938, at the Republican Memorial Garden in Arun Court, Arun Street, in the Short Strand area. Erected in 2010.

Milltown Cemetery – Jim Stranney listed on family headstone – Buried in Spain.


Bronze plaque in the entrance to the Shankill Road Library to the seven Shankill men who died in Spain: William Beattie, Bill Henry, James Isaac Hillen, William P Laughlin, Joseph Lowry, Henry (Harry) McGrath and Andrew Molyneaux. Unveiled on 1 February 2014. Initiative of the Belfast-based International Brigade Commemoration Committee, with support from local community organisations.

Plaque dedicated to the Irish volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War in the front garden of the headquarters of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, 392 Falls Road, BT12 7PX. Unveiled on 9 August 2014 by IRSM.

Plaque in the John Hewitt Bar and Restaurant, 51 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1. Unveiled by Bob Doyle, 16 September 2006.

Stained glass window dedicated to the International Brigades in Belfast City Hall. Commissioned by Belfast City Council and unveiled on 24 November 2015.

Statue in Writers' Square. Erected by International Brigades Commemoration Committee and unveiled by Bob Doyle, 13 October 2007.

Plaque in Unite union office, 4th Floor, 26-34 Antrim Road, BT15 2AA. Unveiled 9 December 2009.

Mural to the Belfast men who fought against fascism in Spain on the International Wall, Northumberland Street, off Falls Road. Erected by Teach na Fáilte Irish Republican ex-prisoners' support group. Unveiled 20 April 2013.

Plaque in St Thomas Peace Garden, Bath Row, to the Birmingham volunteers. Erected by Birmingham City Council & Diocese of Birmingham, 2 December 1992.

A plaque dedicated to the men from Blackwood, Wales, who fought, and died, defending democracy in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. Located in Blackwood, Wales.

Big Pit Memorial

Plaque to miners who volunteered for Spain in the Big Pit coalmining museum. Erected 2006.

Memorial to three local volunteers killed in Spain at Blantyre Miners’ Welfare Club. Erected by East Kilbride & South Lanarkshire Trades Union Council, 24 October 2009.

Sheltered housing, Bob Elliott House, Wright Street, for Bob Elliott, killed at Villanueva de la Cañada. Erected by Borough of Blyth Valley, 2 May 1986.

Plaque outside Bolton Socialist Club, 16 Wood Street, Bolton BL1 1DY, dedicated to the local International Brigade volunteers, in particular James Alwyn, who was killed at the Battle of Jarama in February 1937. Unveiled on 16 September 2017.

Reggie Saxton bus


Volvo Gemini bus named after Dr Reginald Saxton. Inaugurated by Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company in June 2013 and operating on route 5.


Memorial plaque in Castle Park, Bristol to 4 Bristol volunteers killed in Spain. Erected by Bristol City Council, 11 December 1986.

Herbert Douglas Fisher

Memorial for Herbert Douglas Fisher (1910-1938) on the Fisher family gravestone in St Nicholas’ Church, Brockenhurst (Church Lane, Brockenhurst SO42 7UB). Date of inscription unknown. See

Kit Conway memorial, Burncourt, County Tipperary

Memorial in Burncourt (Co Tipperary) to Kit Conway, killed at Jarama, February 1937. Unveiled 11 June 2005.  Photo thanks to Manus O'Riordan and Le Bod.

Plaque in Memorial Hall. Erected 1996 and unveiled 27 February 1997 by Evan Jones.

Plaque upper floor of centre of Caerphilly Visitor Centre, The Twyn, Caerphilly CF83 1JL.

Ronald Rolph Court CB5 8PX (on Wadloes Road, two miles east of city centre), named after local volunteer who served as a medical auxiliary in Spain.

Plaque in Camden Town Hall, Euston Road, NW1, to volunteers and supporters from Camden. Erected by Camden Borough Council, 29 April 1995.

Seat in grounds of Rutherford College, University of Kent, Canterbury to Tony McLean. Erected by Tony McLean Memorial Fund, 1 October 1982.

Memorial stone and plaques in Alex­andra Gardens, Cathays Park, to Welsh volunteers who went to Spain. Erected by Mid & South Glamorgan County Councils & Cardiff City Council, 1 October 1992.

Tom Jones Room in regional office of Unite (1 Cathedral Road, CF11 9HA) in memory of north Wales volunteer who became regional secretary of the Transport & General Workers' Union.

Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Plaque commemorating Madge Addy, Spanish Civil War nurse and Special Operations Executive agent in occupied France during the Second World War at 34 Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9PH. Unveiled on 12 May 2018. 

Statue and plaque to four print and media workers killed in Spain in Marx Memorial Lib­rary, 37A Clerkenwell Green, EC1. Unveiled 14 December 2009. Originally erected 1986 by printworkers’ union SOGAT at convalescent home in Rottingdean, Sussex, then unveiled at GPMU union centre at Quorn, Leicestershire, by Jack Jones, November 2002.

Original Battle of the Ebro plaque, naming 90 British Battalion dead, which was unveiled in 2005 on Hill 705 in the Sierra de Pándols but subsequently vandalised by Spanish neo-fascists, was unveiled by Emily Thornberry MP at the Marx Memorial Library, 37a Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU on 30 October 2016.

Large mural-style painting by Rosa Branson marking 75th anniversary of the creation of the International Brigades, donated to Marx Memorial Library, 37A Clerkenwell Green, EC1, in 2011. Viewing by appointment.

Plaque in Unite union office, Clonmel (Co Tipperary). Unveiled by Peter O'Connor and Michael O'Riordan, 1996.

Plaque to Tom Gaunt (killed in Aragón, March 1938), Parish House. Erected by Chesterfield & District Cooperative Party and unveiled by Dennis Skinner MP, 31 October 2009.

Memorial in Coalisland (Co Tyrone) to Charlie Donnelly, killed at Jarama in February 1937. Erected 2003.

The Mary Elmes Bridge is named after the Spanish Civil War aid worker, who during the Second World War rescued Jewish children from being sent to Nazi concentration camps. It enables pedestrians to walk across the River Lee between St Patrick’s Quay and Merchants Quay. The bridge was inaugurated in 2019. Mary Elmes (1908-2002) studied in Dublin, London and Geneva, and in 1937 travelled to Spain. There she ran a Quaker children’s hospital in Alicante, which later transferred to a small mountain village to avoid fascist bombs.

Memorial bench dedicated to George Fletcher and Edward McQuade and the men and women who fought in Spain. The bench was unveiled on 5 May 2019 in Crewe Cemetery, Badger Avenue, Crewe CW1 3JG.

“No Pasarán!” mural on the side of 152 Chastilian Road, DA1 3LQ. Painted by owner Sean McNeill, autumn 2014.


Plaque in Unite the Union office, 56 Carlisle Road, BT48 6SR. Erected by the North West Spanish Civil War Project. Unveiled 18 July 2013.

Mural at Glenfada Park, Bogside, to the local anti-fascist volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Inaugurated in August 2013 by the Irish Republican Socialist Party.

Memorial at Dooega Achill Island (Co Mayo) to Thomas Patten, killed at Madrid, December 1936. Financed locally and from the US. Unveiled 28 October 1984.

Refurbished Frank Ryan Memorial, Glasnevin

Memorial headstone in Glasnevin Cemetery over grave of Frank Ryan. Erected following repatriation of his remains for reburial in June 1979.  Photo thanks to Manus O'Riordan.

Plaque outside SIPTU union HQ, Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, to Irish volunteers. Erected by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions, 5 May 1991.

Unite offices, Middle Abbey Street.

Plaque in memory of Charlie Donnelly, killed at Jarama, February 1937, at University College Dublin. Unveiled 26 February 2008.

Mural dedicated to Bob Doyle inside the Cobblestone Bar, North King Street, Stoneybatter. Unveiled 7 October 2012. The mural was originally on the outside of the building (as pictured) but, because of planning restrictions, has since been moved to inside the pub. On 6 July 2019 a plaque dedicated to Bob Doyle was also unveiled outside the Cobblestone Bar. 

Plaque to Irish International Brigade volunteers at the Connolly Bookshop, Temple Bar. Unveiled 7 October 2012.

Plaque to six International Brigade volunteers from Inichicore at Senan Court, 109 Emmet Road, Dublin 8. Erected by Inichicore Friends of the International Brigades. Unveiled 4 May 2013.

Hart's Corner, Glasnevin. Memorial bench dedicated to Michael O'Riordan (1917-2006) and daughter-in-law Annette (1953-2013). Erected by Manus O'Riordan, son of Michael, in May 2014.

A Memorial bench dedicated to International Brigader Michael O’Riordan (1917-2006) (above)and daughter-in-law Annette (1953-2013) was dedicated in May at Hart’s Corner, Glasnevin.


Spirit Store – plaque for 7 locals by Friends of the International Brigade Ireland.

Plaque in Peace Gardens, Albert Square. Erected by Dundee City Council, 23 February 1975. Rededicated, with supplementary plaque, by Jack Jones and Jack Edwards, 11 October 2008.

Dungannon Council Offices have had a framed plaque of Charlie Donnelly in the Council Foyer. Painted by local artist, S Keenan, in 2004.

Dungannon arts centre features him on a display of Dungannon's most famous inhabitants and in a large mural in the café.

Memorial chalice in Church of Ireland for Rev Robert Hilliard, killed at Jarama in February 1937.

Plaque to Durham volunteers in Miners’ Hall. Unveiled by Jack Edwards, 10 October 2009.

Memorial plaque to the volunteers from Blaenau Gwent at the Aneurin Bevan Memorial Stones. Unveiled 24 April 2005.

Plaque in memory of volunteers from the city on bench in East Princes Street Gardens. Erected by Edinburgh City Labour Party.
Text reads, 'In memory of those who left this city to serve in the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War’. Edinburgh City Labour Party.”

Inscription on rock in East Princes Street Gardens (near the art galleries at The Mound) in memory of volunteers from the Lothians and Fife. Erected by Friends of the International Brigade Association.

Memorial to Michael Russell in Simms Lane, Ennis, Co Clare. Unveiled in 18 May 2019. Michael Russell was killed at Jarama. The Irish translates as 'You can go proudly. You are history. You are legend' (La Pasionaria, Barcelona, 28 October 1938).

Plaque in reception area of RMT union head office, Unity House, Chalton Street, NW1, to seafarers and railway workers who joined the International Brigades. Erected 8 June 2004 at Maritime House (RMT union offices), Old Town, SW4, before being installed at Unity House.



Portrait of Luton car worker James “Joe” Gough, died at Boadilla del Monte in December 1936, painted by Frank Casey and donated by artist in Unite London & Eastern regional office, 33-37 Moreland Street, EC1V 8BB. Installed in August 2014.


Memorial seat to David Marshall in the Rose Garden, West Ham Park, E7.

Memorial in Fulham Palace Gardens, SW6, to volunteers from Hammersmith and Fulham. Erected by Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council and local trades council, 31 August 1997.

Pasionaria statue by Arthur Dooley in Custom House Quay. Erected by City of Glasgow, 23 February 1980 and rededicated 23 August 2010.

Plaque listing Glasgow volunteers killed in Spain in Scottish Trades Union Congress offices, 333 Woodlands Road.

William Keegan Memorial

Plaque in Baillieston Public Library to William Keegan. Erected by Scottish Trades Union Congress, National Union of Mineworkers and Glasgow and Strathclyde councils, 1 December 1989.

A memorial to the merchant seamen who ran the Francoist blockade of Spain to take supplies to the Republic. Raised by the RMT's Glasgow Shipping Branch and the IBMT. Created by sculptor Frank Casey and unveiled on 2 March 2019. Situated on the Clyde Walkway, next to the Jamaica Street Bridge.

Memorial bench in Victoria Park (overlooking boating lake, 50m west of Crown Gate West entrance), E2, for Sam Lesser. Unveiled 18 March 2012.

Bench seat to Ralph Fox outside the Halifax Town Hall.  The bench was moved to its current location in 2019.  Previously it was in the walled garden in Manor Heath Park, Skircoat Green, close to where he was born and raised at 11 Heath Avenue. The bench was beforehand located in Piece Hall, Blackledge, where it was from 2010 until 2016. Originally in Bull Green. Erected by Ralph Fox Memorial Committee, 24 April 1950 and re-dedicated in 1979.

Memorial bench (beside clump of pines, NNW of Parliament Hill summit) for International Brigaders Danny, Tommy (died Brunete, July 1937) and Joe Gibbons. 

Statue by Arthur Dooley and plaque erected in Unite union offices, 128 Theobalds Road, WC1, to members who fought in Spain. Erected by the T&G union, 1 June 1990.

Memorial plaque in Guild Hall, Alfred Gelder Street, to four volunteers killed. Erected by Hull City Council, 1 April 1990.

Memorial to the Hull volunteers at Alfred Gelder Street, Hull HU1 2AA. Created by Dan Jones. Unveiled on 16 March 2019 in the presence of the families of nine of the volunteers. The monument includes the names of the known volunteers from Hull.  

Memorial olive grove to Kilkenny volunteers in Woodstock Gardens, Inistioge (Co Kilkenny). Unveiled 30 December 2007.

Plaque in Inistioge graveyard to George Brown, born in Inistioge (Co Kilkenny), killed at Brunete, July 1937. Unveiled by Jack Jones and Bob Doyle, 28 June 2008.

Memorial stone for John Smith in Knadgerhill Cemetery, Irvine, replacing a previous one on which the inscription had become illegible. Raised by Irvine & North Ayrshire Trades Union Council in November 2017.

Plaque in Irvine Library, 168 High Street, to John Smith, killed on the Ebro in 1938. Originally erected by Cunninghame District Council in Cunninghame House branch library, 1 September 1988.

Refurbished Michael Lehane Kilgarvan  County Kerry

Plaque on Morley's Bridge, Kilgarvan (Co Kerry), to Michael Lehane. Erected by the Killarney Republican Graves Association and unveiled by Michael O'Riordan, 7 May 1989.

Plaque and memorial, Forth Avenue. Erected by Kirkcaldy District Council and Friends of the International Brigades, May 1980 and September 1986. Rededicated 4 April 2009.

Memorial plaque in Foyer, City Hall, George Street, to Leeds volunteers. Erected by Leeds City Council, 11 November 1989.

Memorial in Leicester Market, to the three local men who were killed in Spain. The memorial was unveiled on 30th March 2018 by IBMT President, Marlene Sidaway.

Memorial plaque in Peace Walk, Victoria Park, University Road, to three Leicester volunteers killed in Spain. Erected by Leicester Socialist Centre, 15 February 1993.

Plaque to Halcrow Verstage (killed at Brunete, July 1937) and local volunteers, in Town Hall, Catford Road, London SE6. Unveiled by Bill Alexander and Jack Jones, 13 February 1999.

'Postcards from Lewisham' mural by Bruce Williams and Gary Phillips at Molesworth Street entrance to Lewisham Shopping Centre, SE13, part of which depicts local volunteers. Unveiled 28 February 1998.  Photos by Anthony Hart.

Memorial stone to the six Limerick volunteers (Paddy Brady, Gerard Doyle, Frank Ryan, Joe Ryan, Maurice Emmet Ryan and Jim Woulfe) in the grounds of Limerick City Hall. Unveiled on 14 September 2014 by the Limerick International Brigades Memorial Trust. 

Memorial plaque in Unite union offices, Jack Jones House, 2 Churchill Way, L3, to Merseyside volunteers. Unveiled by Jack Edwards, 16 October 2011. Originally erected by Merseyside County Council in The People’s Centre, Hardman Street, 16 November 1985.

Jack Jones House (2 Churchill Way, L3 8EF), regional offices of Unite, named after local volunteer and union leader.

Meeting room named after Lilian Urmston in Public & Commercial Services (PCS) union regional office in Jack Jones House (see above). Opened 27 April 2011.

Permanent exhibition of photographs of Merseyside volunteers in The Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street, L1 9BQ. Opened by Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, 15 September 2012.

Mural celebrating the life of Jack Jones by Alan Murray and Nicola Taggart in York Street, Garston (where he was born). Unveiled on centenary of his birth: 29 March 2013. Erected by coalition of organisations, including Unite, Enterprise Liverpool, South Liverpool Housing and Liverpool Housing Trust.

Plaque on the ground floor of Liverpool Town Hall (High St, L2 3SW) marking the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and paying tribute to those people from Merseyside who supported the anti-fascist cause in the Spanish Civil War. Unveiled by the city council on 19 December.

Plaque outside Plaid Cymru offices, 11 John Street. Unveiled by Lance Rogers 1996.

Memorial bench for Spanish Civil War nurse Margaret Lesser (Powell) in the Playground, Llangenny (Powys). Installed in October 2019 by her daughter with the help of the Rev Chris Bowler.

Louth International Brigade memorial


Plaque naming seven local volunteers on a plinth in the Slieve Foye Forest Park between Carlingford and Omeath, Co Louth. Erected by the Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland. Unveiled on 16 November 2013.

Memorial on the grave of Jim Haughey [along with CWG headstone]. This War Commission Grave is in Dougher Cemetery, Lurgan.

Portrait of local volunteer James “Joe” Gough, died at Boadilla del Monte in December 1936, painted by Frank Casey, in Warden Park Museum, Old Bedford Road, LU2 7HA. Unveiled 20 December 2012.

Plaque to Frank Owen by bridge in Maerdy Community Woodland Project. Unveiled 2000 by Lance Rogers and rededicated August 2009.

Plaque in Maesteg Town Hall, Talbot St, CF34 9DA, to local volunteers; unveiled on 12 May 2012.

Carved wood memorial in Town Hall, Albert Square, to Manchester volunteers. Erected by Manchester City Council and Manchester branch of printworkers’ union SOGAT, 12 February 1983.

Blue plaque at 57 Birch Hall Lane, Manchester M13, commemorating Sam Wild, commander of the British Battalion, on house where he lived.

Moston Cemetery, Moston Lane, Moston M40 9QL. An inscription on the family memorial to Tommy Moore: 'also Thomas, their beloved son killed in action in Spain Jany 24th 1938, aged 22 years.' Photos by Stuart Walsh.

Plaque in council offices, first erected in 1996.

Wooden memorial plaque, made in 1939, in Town Hall. Rededicated 9 October 2009. IBMT member Tony Fox has produced a leaflet documenting the history of the memorial and the Teesside Brigaders listed on it or involved in its creation, which is available here: Teesside Memorial Leaflet

Plaque on granite plinth (on main road in centre of village) to Peter Daly and the International Brigades. Daly died in September 1937 from wounds sustained at Quinto. Erected by Peter Daly Society Wexford and unveiled 3 September 2011.

Spanish Civil War memorial in Duchess of Hamilton Park. Erected by the No Pasaran Memorial Committee of North Lanarkshire and unveiled on 20 July 2013. Photos by David McNay.

Memorial stone and plaque in Aughnacloy (Co Tyrone) to Ben Murray (died in Aragon, March 1938). Erected by Friends of Charlie Donnelly and other groups. Unveiled 9 March 2013. Photo thanks to Brian Curragh. 

Memorial stone in Victoria Gardens. Erected 1996.

Tree and plaque in grounds of Civic Centre to volunteers from Tyne & Wear. Erected by Newcastle City Council, County Association of Trades Councils, July 1986 and March 1989.

Information board in the grounds of the Civic Centre listing the names of the 35 International Brigaders from the North-East who were killed in Spain. Unveiled on 9 November 2016. Sponsored by Newcastle City Council and the IBMT, GMB, RMT, Unite, North East Co-op and Jarrow Trades Union Council.

Memorial bench at Newhaven Fort commemorating return of British Battalion to Newhaven in December 1938. Unveiled by Jack Jones, 7 December 2008.

“Echoes of Spain” mosaic under Westway flyover, Portobello Road, W11, commemorating local volunteers and Spanish Republican refugees. Unveiled 18 October 2006 by Jack Jones and Ambassador Carlos Miranda.

“Guernica Alley” is one of 13 of photomurals by artist Peter Dunn along Portobello Road. The murals reflect the various historical and cultural influence on the west London neighbourhood. An International Brigade banner and a number of volunteers are pictured on board the Habana, which brought nearly 4,000 refugee children from Republican Spain to Britain in May 1937. Many settled in the Notting Hill area.

Sculpted relief and three plaques in County Hall, West Bridgeford. Erected by Notting­hamshire County Council and unveiled by Jack Jones and Ambassador Alberto Aza, 24 September 1993.

Plaque by ceramics artist Jim Robison to the Oldham volunteers in Gallery Oldham, Greaves Street. Unveiled in 1986. Viewable by appointment with Oldham Gallery, along with an older framed roll of honour. On 26 April 2014 the plaque was placed in in the Parish Church of St Mary with St Peter, Church Lane, OL1 3BP.

Hillside memorial stone for 7 locals by Friends of the International Brigade, Ireland.

On the Dulais Valley Heritage trail, north of the A4109. The memorial reads 'Libertad Justicia Revolución. Monument to two local men killed during the Spanish Civil War.

Memorial to 31 Oxfordshire volunteers, naming the six who died in Spain, at Junction of Headington Hill and Morrell Avenue, St Clement’s, Oxford. Erected by Oxford International Brigade Memorial Committee and the IBMT. Unveiled on 10 June 2017.

Memorial plaque to the volunteers from Renfrewshire. Unveiled on 13 May 2017. Located outside the Renfrewshire Council offices in Cotton Street, Paisley PA1 1WB. Erected by Paisley Trades Council and Renfrewshire Council.

Ceremonial red stole in St Luke’s Church, Farnborough Way, SE15. Provided by Brigader Douglas Eggar and St Luke’s Church.

Memorial plaque in village hall to George Ernest Fretwell (killed on 12 February 1937 at Jarama). Erected by Memorial Hall Committee, 7 January 1991.

Memorial for local volunteers at North Inch. Erected by Perthshire International Brigade Memorial Fund, 5 June 2010.

Memorial plaque in the bar of the Grand Pavillion, Esplanade, to Fred White, killed at Brunete, July 1937. Unveiled 9 October 1999 by the mayor and Lance Rogers.

Plaque to Christopher Caudwell on Atlantic Inn. Erected 20 October 2007.

Jimmy Moore’s grave (apart from John Cookson, the only casualty from the Ebro with a known grave) in Milton Cemetery.

Headstone in churchyard on grave of John Pascal Rickman (died in April 1937 from wounds sustained in Battle of the Jarama).

Red plaque to dedicated to Mary Slater, who served in Spain as a nurse. Unveiled in the Peace Garden, Friargate, Preston on 16 June 2018. Photo by Lisa Croft.

Plaque on the side of the town's main war memorial in Civic Square.

Inscribed bench near the town's main war memorial in Civic Square.

Stained glass window at Prestonpans Labour Party Social Club, 5 Kirk St, Prestonpans EH32 9EA. Unveiled in May 2021.

Sculpture by Eric Stanford in Forbury Gardens, RG1 3HW, to three local volunteers killed in Spain. Unveiled at this location on 10 May 2015. Originally outside Civic Centre in Castle Street, where it was unveiled on 5 May 1990. Erected by Reading International Brigade Memorial Committee with the support of Reading Borough Council.

Silverthorne Room in regional office of Unison (10 Church Street), in memory of Thora Silverthorne.

Statue of a Spanish bull on Main Street in memory of Dunbartonshire International Brigade volunteers. Unveiled 27 August 2011.

Memorial plaque in Rhondda Council Chamber, Pentre, to Rhondda volunteers. Erected by Rhondda Borough Council and unveiled 2 September 1989 by Jack Jones.

Memorial plaque in Rhosllanerchrugog to Tom Jones ('Twm Sbaen'), erected by Rhos Community Council in 2013.

Memorial seat and stone obelisk in Peace Garden, on corner of Wharncliffe Street and Doncaster Road to Tommy James. Erected by Rotherham Community College and Wortley Hall, April 1985 and February 1986. The plaque on the bench reads: Tommy James: born 1898 Rotherham Workhouse. Fighter for peace and freedom 1913-1918 Soldier in First World War 1920-1936 Unemployed and Hunger Marches, local leader in the General Strike 1936-1937 Fighter in the Spanish Civil War 1937-1939 Public Agitator College Square 1967-1971 President Rotherham Trades Union Council Worker Writer Socialist, died 1971. Memorial obelisk was erected in 1986 on the 50th anniversary of the election of the election of the Popular Front government. The plaque reads: ‘We tread but one path. This open space is dedicated to the memory of Tommy James, Man of Rotherham 1898 -1971’

Tommy James Rotherham

Blue plaque to International Brigader and trade unionist Tommy James (1898-1971). Located in All Saints Square, Rotherham. Unveiled on 17 September 2020 by Rotherham District Civic Society.

Roughlee memorial

Plaque dedicated to the members of the Independent Labour Party and the Clarion cycling clubs who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Mounted at Clarion House, near the village of Roughlee in Lancashire. Paid for and installed by the National Clarion Cycling Club 1895.

Memorial in town hall. Unveiled 6 February 2008.

Plaque in Working Class Movement Library to Independent Labour Party volunteers. Unveiled 30 May 2009.

Plaque in Peace Gardens, next to town hall, naming 16 South Yorkshire volunteers, including six killed in Spain. Erected by Sheffield City Council, summer 1986.

National memorial and sculpture by Ian Walters in Jubilee Gardens, SE1, to the 526 killed in Spanish Civil War who went to Spain from Britain and Ireland. Erected by Greater London Council and International Brigade Association and unveiled by Michael Foot MP, 5 October 1985. Moved to new site in the park in April 2012.

Plaque located in a flower bed, behind railings directly in front of the Cenotaph in the City Centre, in the park opposite the Civic Centre.

Plaque naming local volunteers in John Harvard Library, 211 Borough High Street, SE1 1JA. Unveiled there on 25 October 2016. Originally unveiled in Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, Peckham Road, SE5, on 1 November 1986. Erected by Southwark Borough Council.

Bronze statue of Scottish Ambulance Unit volunteer Thomas Watters, who settled in St Albans after the Spanish Civil War. Donated to Museum of St Albans, Hatfield Road, AL1 3RR, by sculptor Frank Casey and IBMT 15 November 2014.

Memorial in Hall, Town Hall, Corporation Street to local volunteers. Erected by St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council, 1 November 1987.

Plaque to Lilian Urmston at St Paul’s Primary School. Erected by Tameside Borough Council, 2008.

Memorial plaque in Town Hall, Glebe Street, to three volunteers killed in Spain. Erected by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, 7 September 1989.

Memorial to local International Brigader Dave Goodman in cold-pour bronze by Mike Jones in the Potteries Museum in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent (Bethseda Street, ST1 3DW), entitled ‘Symbol of the International Brigade Volunteers’.

Welsh national memorial plaque in Miners’ Library, Hendrefoilan House, Gower Road, to 33 volunteers from Wales killed in Spain. Erected by the South Wales Miners’ Federation, 14 January 1976 and unveiled by Will Paynter.

Plaque to the 11 volunteers from Swansea, in Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road. Unveiled 14 December 2011.

Spanish chestnut tree in Coate Water Park, to Percy Williams, killed at Caspe in 1938. Erected by Thamesdown Borough Council, 1 November 1986.

Memorial in Whitworth Road Cemetery, Swindon England to Percy Williams.

Memorial plaque in Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum, DT2 7EH, to nine volunteers from Bristol. Formerly in MSF union offices, 1 Tenbury Road, Westbury-on-Trym. Erected 1 July 1986.

Plaque to local volunteers on front of the Old Town Hall, Cable Street, E1.

Glass plaques in Unite Hall, Keyser Street, to volunteers from Waterford. Erected by Waterford Council of Trades Unions and unveiled by Peter O'Connor and Michael O'Riordan, 1 May 1994.

Monument to Waterford volunteers, erected by the Relatives and Friends of Waterford International Brigaders. Unveiled by Jack Jones and Michael O'Riordan, 9 July 2004.

Plaque to Jack Brent (George Dickie) on 53 George Street, DG8 8NU. Erected 25 February 2006.

Memorial to the 12 people from the Wigan area who fought fascism in Spain. Unveiled on 14 April 2018. Library Street, Wigan WN11NN. 

Plaque on bench in memory of Ivor Hickman (died 22/23 September 1938 in the Battle of the Ebro) next to Northbrook Building at Peter Symonds College, Owens Road.

Mural dedicated to International Brigader Charlie Hutchison in Coffee#1, 15 Market Square, Witney OX28 6AB. It was unveiled when the café opened on 8 October 2021.


Memorial plaque in St Peter's Church to Lewis Clive, killed in Battle of the Ebro, 2 August 1938.  Photo by Anthony Hart.

Plaque in Labour Hall, Lyndhurst Road, to five Worthing International Brigade volunteers. Unveiled in July 2007.

Olive tree dedicated to South Yorkshire volunteers at Wortley Hall, near Sheffield S35 7DB.