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Volunteers in other roles

In addition to the volunteers serving in the British Battalion, the Anti-Tank Battery and the Medical Services, a number served with other units in Spain. A number served in the navy on torpedo boats and destroyers and several fought with the Republican air force.

The British Anti-Tank Battery was formed in May 1937 from forty volunteers at Madrigueras and issued with three Soviet 45mm guns, capable of firing both armour-piercing and high explosive shells which, at that time, represented state-of-the-art military technology.

Within a month of the outbreak of war in July 1937, supporters of the Spanish Republic in Britain has established the Spanish Medical Aid Committee. The committee collected money for the Republic and established a hospital at Granen, near Huesca. During early 1937, the mdeical unit was incorporated into the Republican 35th division, which also included the British Battalion.

A number of British women also travelled to Spain to support the Spanish Republic's struggle. Most served in the medical services, where they contributed to the saving of untold numerous lives. Others, such as Nan Green and Winifred Bates, took on political and administrative tasks. One British woman, the sculptor and artist Felicia Browne, was killed fighting with a Spanish militia column in August 1936.

George Orwell's account of his experiences in Spain has ensured that the role of the British Independent Labour Party contingent is widely known, though they numbered only a fraction of the number who fought with the International Brigades.