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The 2021 AGM of the IBMT is being held in Southampton over the weekend 8-10 October 2021. The AGM is a chance to remember the bravery of the men and woman from Southampton and across Hampshire who volunteered to fight fascism in Spain as part of the International Brigades. 

Franco silhouette

Baltasar Garzón is a former Spanish high court judge who previously launched an investigation into the crimes of Franco. In this piece, which originally appeared ¡No Pasaran! 2-2021, he discusses the existence of Francoism in modern Spain and the importance of laws addressing historical memory.

Simon Deefholts and Kathryn Phillips-Miles

Simon Deefholts and Kathryn Phillips-Miles, founders of The Clapton Press, were interviewed by Sebastiaan Faber, chair of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive (ALBA), a US-based sister organisation of the IBMT. The Clapton Press has been publishing a series of new and out-of-print memoirs related to the Spanish Civil War.

France Navigation in Algiers

This extract is about a shipping company that was formed in France to transport essential supplies to Spain during the civil war, in defiance of French non-intervention policy. It is reproduced from the book ‘De Spaanse hemel spreidt zijn sterren’ [The Spanish sky spreads its stars] (2018) by Rien Dijkstra.


The International Brigade Memorial Trust is saddened to learn of the death, on 27 July of Eddie O'Neill, of the Founding President of the International Brigades in Ireland (FIBI). IBMT Ireland Secretary Manus O'Riordan has provided the following tribute to O’Neill.


Just over 83 years ago, in the early morning of 25 July, the Ebro Army, composed of the Republican army corps, and the International Brigades – as organised in the 35th Division, began to cross the Ebro river in complete silence.


Mila Gutiérrez was born in July 1926 and witnessed the Spanish Civil War as a child in Madrid. In this edited excerpt from her memoir, ‘Spanish Civil War Baby’ (2020), Gutiérrez recounts scenes from the Battle of Madrid and the arrival of the 11th International Brigade in November 1936.

A Betrayal of Heroes

A new political thriller, ‘A Betrayal of Heroes’ by writer David Ebsworth, published this month, picks up the story of Spanish Republicans who carried on the fight against fascism and Europe’s Nazis all through the Second World War. 

Here Ebsworth writes about how his novels are intended to take the story of the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath to new readers – to folk who probably wouldn’t pick up a non-fiction history book.


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