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Relief carvings in wood to local volunteers, including two killed on 25 August 1938 in the Battle of the Ebro. Installed by Aberdare Labour Party and local trades council in the party’s premises in December 1967. Relocated to Aberdare Central Library and unveiled by Michael Foot MP June 1986.

Plaque in Old Town Hall to Sammy Morris and Jack Williams. Erected 1998.

A plaque dedicated to the men from Blackwood, Wales, who fought, and died, defending democracy in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. Located in Blackwood, Wales.

Big Pit Memorial

Plaque to miners who volunteered for Spain in the Big Pit coalmining museum. Erected 2006.

Plaque in Memorial Hall. Erected 1996 and unveiled 27 February 1997 by Evan Jones.

Plaque in Memorial Hall. Erected 1996 and unveiled 27 February 1997 by Evan Jones.

Tom Jones Room in regional office of Unite (1 Cathedral Road, CF11 9HA) in memory of north Wales volunteer who became regional secretary of the Transport & General Workers' Union.

Memorial stone and plaques in Alex­andra Gardens, Cathays Park, to Welsh volunteers killed in Spain. Erected by Mid & South Glamorgan County Councils & Cardiff City Council, 1 October 1992.

Memorial plaque to the volunteers from Blaenau Gwent at the Aneurin Bevan Memorial Stones. Unveiled 24 April 2005.

Plaque outside Plaid Cymru offices, 11 John Street. Unveiled by Lance Rogers 1996.

Plaque to Frank Owen by bridge in Maerdy Community Woodland Project. Unveiled 2000 by Lance Rogers and rededicated August 2009.

Plaque in Maesteg Town Hall, Talbot St, CF34 9DA, to local volunteers; unveiled on 12 May 2012.

Plaque in council offices, first erected in 1996.

Memorial stone in Victoria Gardens. Erected 1996.

On the Dulais Valley Heritage trail, north of the A4109, opposite where the trail begins.   The Memorial reads 'Libertad Justicad Revolucion.

Monument to two local men killed during the Spanish Civil War.  The local area attratced Spanish workers and, later, supported the Spanish Republic.

The photo was taken by Arthur Williams.

Memorial plaque in village hall to George Ernest Fretwell (killed on 12 February 1937 at Jarama). Erected by Memorial Hall Committee, 7 January 1991.

Memorial plaque in the bar of the Grand Pavillion, Esplanade, to Fred White, killed at Brunete, July 1937. Unveiled 9 October 1999 by the mayor and Lance Rogers.

Memorial plaque in Rhondda Council Chamber, Pentre, to Rhondda volunteers. Erected by Rhondda Borough Council and unveiled 2 September 1989 by Jack Jones.

Plaque to the 11 volunteers from Swansea, in Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road. Unveiled 14 December 2011.

Welsh national memorial plaque in Miners’ Library, Hendrefoilan House, Gower Road, to 33 volunteers from Wales killed in Spain. Erected by the South Wales Miners’ Federation, 14 January 1976 and unveiled by Will Paynter.